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Etna R-T monitoring



Popocatepelt, Mexico

Continuous measurements are performed at Popocatepetl volcano (5426 m a.s.l.) in Mexico, using a volcano Doppler radar (VOLDORAD 1) of OPGC in order to study the dynamics of ash plumes. The project, initiated with INSU-CNRS CT3 program and OPGC funding, is carried out in collaboration with CENAPRED and the UNAM (Dept. Sismologia and SSN) since May 2013.
The radar operates from the Tlamacas station, 5 km north of the crater at 4000 m a.s.l.. The antenna beam points 21° above the horizontal, to a zone right above the crater.

Access to data.


Monitoring room at CENAPRED


Real-time display of the radar monitoring index based on the echo power from range gates above the crater
(4950 and 5100 m slant distance)



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